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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the desire for the french right now is that there's more intelligence sharing. may be more special forces on the ground to help identify isis targets there as well. and also, sort of a lessening of the rules of engagement that may mean more civilian casualties as well. here comes the president of the united states, lester. >> all right, peter al zand er alexander, thank you. >> please, be seated. president hollande, it has been an honor to welcome you to the white house before in happier times than this but as americans, we stand by our friends in good times and in bad. no matter what. so on behalf of the american people, i want to once again
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express our deepest condolences to you and all of the people of france for the heinous attacks that took place in paris. we're here today to declare that the united states and france stand united. in total solidarity, to deliver justice to these terrorists and those who sent them, and to defend our nations. in that spirit, with heavy, but strong hearts, i welcome you here today. francios, with your understanding, my statement today will be a little longer than usual. i've been traveling. and this is an important moment for our nations and for the world. this barbaric terrorist group, isil, or daesh, in its murderous ideology poses a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be tolerated, it must
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be destroyed, and we must do it together. this is the unity of purpose that brings us here today. on your visit here last year, you said that the french love america. well, we love the french. sometimes we americans are too shy to say so, but we're not feeling shy today. the americans love france because we dedicate to the same ideals that all people deserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. france is our oldest ally. you helped us win our independence. we helped liberate france from fascism. we are freedom to each other. we love france for your spirit and your culture. since the attacks, americans have recalled their own visits to paris, visiting the eiffel tower or walking along the sand.
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we know these places. they're part of our memories. woven into the fabric of our lives and our culture. i am very grateful to the french people for the hospitality they've always shown me. and when they welcomed michelle and our daughters on their first visit to the city of lights. by my bed, in the residence, is a picture of me and michelle in luxe umburg gardens, kissing. those are the memories we have of paris. as early on, i had no gray hair. so when tragedy struck that evening, our hearts broke too. and that stadium and concert hall, and those restaurants and cafes, we see our own. in the face the of the french people, we see ourselves.
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have embraced the blue, red, and red, and that's why americans had candle light vigils and join togethered and sing. we've never forgotten how the french people stood with us after 9/11, and today, we stand with you. [ speaking foreign language ] its been noted that the terrorist did not direct their attacks against the french government or military, rather they focussed their violence on the very spirit of france and by extension on all liberal democracies. this was an attack on our free and open societies. where people come together to celebrate, and sing. and compete. and targeting venues where people come together from around the world. killing citizens of nearly 20 countries, including america. this was an attack on the very idea that people of different
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races and religions ag hand backgrounds can live together in peace. in short, this was not only a strike against one of the world's great cities, it was an attack against the world itself. it's the same madness that has slaughtered the innocent from nigeria to the sinai, to lebanon to iraq. it is a scourge that threatens all of us, and that's why, for more than a year, the united states, france, and our coalition of some 65 nations have been united in one mission. to destroy these isil terrorists and defeat their viled ideology. today, president hollande, i reviewed our coalition's progress. more than 8,000 air strikes, combined with local partners on the ground have pushed isil back
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today, president hollande and i agreed that our nations must do even more together. u.s. assistance has supported recent french strikes in syria and we're going to keep stepping up that coordination. and as we saw, with the attack in mali, the terrorist threat goes beyond isil. this week, i'll sign legislation to sustain our support, including air lift and intelligence to allies like france as we work together to root out terrorist networks in africa. we'll do even more to prevent attacks at home. building on our recent intelligence agreement, the united states will continue to quickly share threat information with france, and in the wake of paris, and with the threats in belgium, there's also a growing recognition among european nations that they need to ramp up additional efforts to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. as part of that, i'm calling on the european union to finally
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implement the agreement that's been long in the works that would require airlines to share passenger information, so we can do more to stop foreign terrorist fighters from entering our country's undetected. and i am prepared to send teams of our experts to work on this with our european partners to make sure we're redoubling our efforts together. regarding the broader crisis in syria. president hollande and i agreed that russia's strikes against the moderate opposition only bolster the assad regime, whose brutality helped to fuel the rise of isil. we agree that russia could play a more constructive role, if it were to shift the focus of its strike to defeating isil. and likewise, president hollande and i agree that the best way to bring peace to syria is the principles we affirmed in sienna, which require active russian support for a ceasefire
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and a political transition away from assad to a democratically elected govmtd that can unite the syrian people against terrorism. finally, francios and i understand that one of our greatest weapons in the fight against isil is the strength and resilience of our people. and here i want to speak directly to the american people. what happened in paris is truly horrific. understand that people worry that something similar could happen here. i want you to know that we will continue to do everything in our power to defend our nation. since 9/11, we've taken extraordinary measures to strengthen our homeland security. our counterterrorism, homeland security, and law enforcement professionals, federal, state, and local, they are tireless, they have prevented attacks and
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they are working every hour, every day, for our security. they did so before paris, they do so now, and they will not stop. they're the best in the world. but it's not just our security professionals who will defeat isil and other terrorist groups. americans, we all have a role to play in how we respond to threats. groups like isil cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they try to terrorize us at home. against soft targets, against civilians, against innocent people. even as we're vigilant, we cannot, and we will not succumb to fear. nor can we allow fear to divide us. that's how terrorists win. and cannot give them the victory
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of changing how we go about living our lives. the good news is americans are resilient. we mourned the lives lost at ft. hood, the boston marathon, the chattanooga, but we did not waiver. our communities have come together, we gone to ball games and we've gone to concerts and shopping and men and women who want to serve our country continue to go to military recruiting offices. we're vigilant. we take precautions. we go about our business. to those who want to harm us, our actions have shown that we have too much resolve and too much character. americans will not be terrorized. i say all this will because
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another part of being vigilant, another part of defeating terrorists like isil is upholding the rights and freedoms that define our two great republics. and that includes freedom of religion. that includes equality before the law. there have been times in our history, in moments of fear, when we have failed to uphold our highest ideals, and it has been to our lasting regret. we must uphold our ideals now. each of us, all of us, must show that america is strengthened by people of every faith and every background. related to this, i want to note that under president hollande, france plans to welcome 30,000 additional syrian refugees over the next two years. here in the united states,
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refugees coming to america go thianrough up to two years of intense security checks, including biometric screening. nobody who sets foot in america goes through more screening than refugees. and we're prepared to share these tools with france and our european partners. as francios has said, our humanitarian duty to help desperate refugees, and our duty to our security, those duties go hand in hand. on the statue of liberty, a gift from the people of france, there are words we know so well. give me your tired, your poor, your humbled masses, yearning to be free, that's the spirit that makes us american. that's the spirit that binds us to france.
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that's the spirit we need today. in closing, i want to salute the people of paris for show egg the world how to stay strong in the face of terrorism. even as they grieve, begun returning to cafes, riding the metro, and going to stadiums to cheer for their teams, crowds gather in the plaza de republic, including a mother who brought her children. she said, to let them see that we should not be afraid. as one parisian said, paris will always be paris. and next week, i will be joining president hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. what a powerful rebuke to the terrorists, it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred
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for our children. so, president hollande, my fellow americans, let's remember, we face greater threats to our way of life before. fascism, communism, a first world war, a second, a long cold war. each and every time, we prevailed. we have prevailed because our way of life is stronger. because we stay united. even as we are relentless in the face of evil, we've drawn what's best in ourselves and in the character of our countries. it will be no different this time. make no mistake, we will win in groups like isil will lose. and standing with allies like france, we will continue to show the world of best of american
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god bless the united states of america. mr. president. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, please allow me, first and foremost to thank the president of the united states, barack obama for all the solidarity he has shown, immediately as we found out about the terror attacks. he was the first one to call me. it was very light in france, 2 sam, when barack called. the president of the united states has already expressed his solidarity towards france, his emotion, his compassion against the horror. and on that night, he meant to
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tell me that the united states stood by france. that the help that could be provided to france would have no limit, and that we had a joined duty to pull our forces together and fight terrorism. i do not forget either all of the messages that the american people sent to the french people over the past few days. the french colors, the french flags, all around, in many gatherings, these candles in places that represent france here in the united states. the national anthems sung in official ceremonies. it is true that 9/11 -- we all
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13th of november, americans felt french. our two peoples, together, merged as one. sharing the same emotion and also the same willingness to fight for freedom, to stand for our values. we are not two similar peoples, we each have our own history, our own culture, our own background, but we share the same trust. the same faith in freedom. it is france that came under attack on the 13th of november, france, for what it is, the country, which we consider unique in the world because france speaks to the world. france came under attack for what it represents, for what it
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way of living, as well as all values, all principles, but by targeting france, the terrorists terrorists -- the murderers were targeting the world. in these restaurants, in these cafes, as well as the bataclan, that concert venue, there were men and women, most of them young who came from 20 countries. at least. and they share the same passion for life, and that's the reason why they were murdered. my thoughts are with the friends and family of a young american student, miss gonzalez, who came as well to share a moment of culture and joy. my thoughts also go to the
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at the bataclan, our cultures on that occasion were together to bring the same enthusiasm and were hit by terrorists. we are facing a terror group which organize itself on the territory, they have substantial resources, they're striving on smuggling drug, human beings, and since the beginning of the year, they hit many countries denmark, lebanon, kuwait, turkey, egypt, as well as russia, but taking down a russian plane. so together with president obama, today, we wanted on the
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of all to share, share our determination, relentless determination to fight terrorism everywhere and anywhere. we also meant to tell the world that we will not allow those who want to destroy what we've built, we will not allow them to do it. to destroy what we built generation after generation, they will not be able to damage the woshld, and against daesh, we need a joint response. an impoliticable joint response. france and the united states stand together to bring that joined response. it is about destroying them, no matter where they are. it is about taking out their financing, hunting down their leaders, dismantling their networks, and taking back the
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land that is under control. we therefore decided, president obama and myself, to scale up our strikes both in the syria and in iraq to broaden the scope to strengthen our intelligence-sharing regarding the targets. the priority is to take back two locations in the hands of daesh in syria. it is also a matter of urgency to close the border between turkey and syria, and prevent terrorists from crossing the border and coming to europe or other places and then to take such terrible attacks. we also have the decision to work together with our partners of the coalition in iraq and to support all of those who are fighting daesh object ground.
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these forces can be supported, helped, by all the countries that are willing to act military tearily to destroy daesh. the resolution of the security council that was built unanimously, friday, after being introduced by france and supported by the united states, this resolution provides with the clear basis to act. this is what france is currently doing, all aircraft carrier is guaranteeing the east of mediterranean, and allows us to enjoy a more capability. yesterday, for the sixth time after the terror attacks in paris, we struck raqqah. in addition, we have been provided the strans into iraqi fighters in the renal in mosul within the coalition.
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president obama and myself have strengthened our corporation as early as the night after the as i tacks, and i would like to commend everything that is being done so that intelligence and information available can be used to tackle terrorists and to follow their movements. so that we prevent from doing what they want to do. because beyond syria and iraq, what they want is somehow to spread fear everywhere so that we doubt, so that we make decisions which are exactly contrary to what we want in terms of freedom and rights, but we will not give in, that being said, we have to defend ourselves and use intelligence. diplomatically, we're working on credible, political transitions in syria, within the framework
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of the vienna process, and i commend the work done by ministers kerry and others to agree on a timeline that will enable a ceasefire, of course, as quickly as possible, and to open up to a process that will lead to bashar al assad's departure departure, because we cannot imagine the syrians getting together, gathering around the leader who's responsible for some of the -- the most of the 300,000 dead in a few years. so unity is required, but that must lead to assad's departure. the syrian crisis is directly relevant to europe. first of all, given the terrorist threat, but also
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refugees fleeing the regime's bombs, and daesh atrocities. if we were to abandon them, we would betray what we are. this is the reason why i reject identifying migration and terrorism. at the same time, we must control the borders. today, people are risking their lives to flee, when they travel actually between turkey and greece. turkey therefore plays an important role and it is together with turkey that we must find solutions. so that the refugees can stay close to their country of origin, and we need to make sure that the required controls, the checks are implemented at the
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border. on thursday, i will be traveling to moscow to meet with vladimir putin, and i will tell him that france can work together with russia, if russia concentrates its military action on daesh. against isil, and if russia fully commits to the political solution in syria. this is what we want to do. we want to gather all countries, all those who are willing to find and to implement a political solution in syria. we do not want to ice anyone out, but we to want eradicate terrorism. lastly, next week, that is on monday, we will be hosting in paris a climate conference. i certainly could not imagine
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that this conference would be taking place against such a background. at the same time, i think they cannot be any better symbol or response, but to hold the conference in paris where the attacks took place, where we took the right measures in terms of security, protections, as well as defending our values. there is no greater symbol than holding this climate in paris with some 150 heads of state and government. never before did france host so many leaders of the international community. they're coming to sort out the climate challenge and again, to work and to find the right
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agreement so that we can limit greenhouse gases emissions and make sure that our children and grandchildren live better or simply can live, but they are also coming to express their support to freedom to the fight against extremism, that radical islam, which is becoming dangerous. yes, all of them are coming, no matter their background, no matter their religion, their convictions, to express the same principle, the same values with the same word. life. yes, simply life. and this is the reason why i'm very pleased that president obama will allow us to succeed.
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i commend his recent statements over the past two weeks and month, but i also commend the commitments he's made in the name of the united states as well as in the name of the world. it was very important that one of the most powerful countries in the world, if not the most powerful, and therefore the highest level of emissions, could also be there to face the future like we've been facing history. what we'll be doing early next week in paris means that we can continue to lift, as well as protect our lives and prepare that of all children. france and the united states, given their history, and the values, the family values of both our nations, given our


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